New Foals!

Bellevue Ranch has seen the arrival of TWO new foals. They are both absolutely gorgeous and of course getting far too many cuddles from all of our members :-)
One of the foals (Maeva - the chestnut) was sadly rejected by her mother. You will see below that she is so far doing really well accepting feeds from the bottle. We are going to try again to see if the other lactating mare will perhaps allow her to feed (first attempt at this was unsuccessful). The team at Bellevue will keep you updated on how they are going! 

In the meantime…..enjoy these gorgeous photos!

Dry Dry Vanuatu….

We are feeling HOT HOT HOT! The South Pacific is not liking the lack of rain at the moment. February is usually our wet season and for the first time ever Tom has seen the creek that runs through Bellevue Ranch run dry :-(

This creek is the major water source for our gorgeous horses….thankfully we have some amazing club members that came to the rescue :-)

Here are some pics of the water being delivered so our trusty steeds never go thirsty! Thank you again to everyone for all the help!!

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Bellevue Joined Instagram!

If you feel like you need some inspiration to get back in the saddle or perhaps try horse riding for the first time, our Instagram account is sure to get you excited!

Bellevue Ranch is located in one of the best areas in Vanuatu for a view across the island. All of our tours will allow you to see just how spectacular Vanuatu is. Follow us @bellevue_ranch_vanuatu